Groove Mini Pullip® & Dal News

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January Release - Pre-Order

 Mini Virgo Pullip

 Mini Aries Dal
December Release - Pre-Order

Mini Aquel Pullip

Mini Coral Dal

November Release - Pre-Order

Mini Libra Pullip

Mini Piesces Dal

October Release - Pre-Order

Mini Moon Stone Pullip

Mini Onyx Dal

September Release - In stock

Mini Pearl Dal

Mini Black Diamond Pullip

August Release - In stock

Mini Miss Green Pullip

Mini Silver Ranger Dal

June Release - In Stock

Mini Bohso Pullip
Mini Neiryo

May Release - In Stock

Mini Maritime Safety Marilyn Pullip

Mini S.W.A.T. Jack Dal

Aggonya Mini Pullip

In stock now! Kawaii!!!

In stock now.

Mini Pullip  principessa 

"Look at my stately beauty.
Nobody is better than me.
Do you know why?
I am a princess..
...Feel like so."

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e-mail me.

In stock now!

Mini Calfy Pullip

"Lowing lowing, I am sitting under the sun in the wide filed of grass.   
I am already full
 ...Feel like so. "

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In stock now!

Mini Pullip Rida

"I have been exposed to the cold rain since I can remember...
Tears are peanut & helplessness.
 ...Feel like so. "

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In stock now!

Mini Assa Pullip
" MUSIC in my mind anytime.
Check new staffs out every day, dance to the beat!!
...Feel like so."

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In stock now!!!

Mini Raphia Pullip

"I love pure white like sweetie sugar !
 My heart and body can be pure white like sugar...
    ... Feel Like so. "

Mini Cornice Pullip
" Raven-black wings, gimlet eye,
Is the world a real or illusion?
Oasis like mystery emits dark light...
... Feel Like so"

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Mini Pullip
My name is "R"

Mini Purezza #2 Fall

Purezza model #02
Lonely flavor the end of summer.
I remembered the love that Ive had to forget...feel like it.

Mini Aloalo Pullip

"With love
Only for you
Beautiful pupils protected GOD
Precious love... Feel like so."

Mini Froggy Pullip now in stock!

Little Froggy Pullip
"Singing Like Kero Keo,
Jumping like hop step,
I am in full throttle in rainy days ... Feel like so."

Orange hair is the sign of my energy!

In stock now.

Mini Cosmic Pullip dolls

Mercu Pullip

"Hello ! Hello !
It's Mercu, I'm catching an alien!
I got it!
Feel like so."

Jupi Pullip
"Hello, it's Jupi.
I'm patrolling in the space.
I assure your safety!!"

Mini Lan dolls

Ai Lan
"The indigo blue kimono and doll are like my style.
I love time taking a walk with AKE under the sun
Feel like so."

Ake Lan
"The scarlet kimono and doll are like my style.
I love time taking with AI sitting on the verandah
...Feel like so."

Each sold seperately

Mini Purezza Pullip

Mini Berry Pullip

Mini Swan Pullip

Mini Fanatica

Mini Riletto Pullip is now in stock!

Mini Panda Pullip

BR> Mini Fanatica!!

Mini Carol and Rudolph Giftset

Sold as a set. See picture above.

Mini Dido Pullip

Mini Berry Pullip
In stock now!

In stock now!

Mini Alice Pullip



Mini Noir

Mini Anne Shirley Pullip

Mini Witch Pullips

Mini Moon

Mini Paja

Mini Leprotto

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Mini Pullips burst into Pullip's world back in January of 2005.
The first three dolls released were Moon, Leprotto and a never before seen doll called Paja.
Paja was later re-created into a large Pullip and that doll has sold very well. Quite hard to find NRFB.

The Mini Pullip dolls were supposed to have sleep eyes, whereby if you were to place the doll horizontally, the doll would close its lids. Then when you stand the doll up, the eyes would open again.
Alas, the idea never made it into the production line and we still are enjoying the dolls without the sleep eyes.

The Mini Pullip dolls are getting more and more popular with each additional release.
Till today, there are over 30 dolls released, including color variations.

Get yourself a mini Pullip today, to keep your doll and yourself company.