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Middie Blythe Oski TebyA lyublyU

is arriving in August 2014

Click on pictures to see more of Oski TebyA lyublyU Middie Blythe

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Accepting Pre-Orders for

Cadence Majorette Neo Blythe doll

October 2014 Arrival!

E-mail us now to inquire.

Arriving Today!

Neo Blythe Doll

"Didee Eureka"

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Accepting Pre-orders for

Sepia Classical Alice Pullip

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"Bianca Pearl" Neo Blythe

CWC Exclusive

Petite Blythe "Connie Corneille" and "Ivanka Corneille"

Collect Them Both.
Each sold separately

Release Date: September 12, 2014

Back In Stock
Last 12

Fairy Tangkou Doll

E-mail us now to pre-order.

In Stock Now

Rozen Maiden

Suigintou Pullip

In Stock Now!

Neo Blythe Doll

"Country Summer"

Order today!

In Stock Now

Shinku Pullip 2014

Kore Pullip

Aira Pullip

Limited edition doll

500 pcs worldwide.

"Ashley's Secret" Neo Blythe doll

Now In Stock!

E-mail us to order now

Mad Hatter du Jardin Taeyang Doll
Back In Stock

Tokidoki Lunarosa Pullip

is now in stock.

If you have reserved this doll with us,

please contact us for collection immediately.

Thank you.

Dilettante Pullip

In Stock Now

Order now.

Supergirl Pullip Doll

In Stock Now

In Stock Now!

Neo Blythe “Mandy Cotton Candy”

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Pair it with
"Yellow Marshmallow" Middie Blythe Doll

Sakura Hatsune Miku Pullip Doll
Now In Stock

Fan BingBing Barbie Doll

In Stock Now

In Stock Now

Charlotte des Fleurs

Neo Blythe
Click on pictures to see more

Order with us today!

Accepting Pre-Orders for March 2014 Arrival

Lydia Green Blythe
In Stock Now!

Order today!

Princess Pinky Dal

In Stock Now.

Order today!

In Stock

Blast From The Past

Hermine Byul

designed by

Innocent Blood

Neo Blythe Arrival!

In Stock Now!

Lorshek Molseh

Neo Blythe Doll

Click on pictures to access our Blythe Page and see

more of Lorshek Molseh

Order today

Happy Pullip World Doll Carnival Exclusives

Pullips Canele & Varele

In Stock Now

Ally Pullip Doll
Initial launched at Takashimaya Japan exclusive

Order Today!

In Stock Now!

Goody Girl Go Go

Neo Blythe Doll

Order Today!

In Stock Now

Cinderella Dahlia Pullip doll


Classical Queen Pullip

Part of the Classical Alice Series

In Stock Now
Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet Barbie Doll

Click on picture to see more Celebrity Barbie Dolls

Leopard Sass Neo Blythe Doll

In Stock Now!

Order Today.

In Stock Now

Akemi Pullip doll


Order today

In Stock Now

Myra Pullip


Cedric Isul

Puchippu Chappu Pepa
Middie Blythe Doll
In Stock Now!

Click On Picture to see more shots of this Middie Blythe Doll

Order With Us Today.

Peacock Io Pullip

Now In Stock

 “Furry Bella Bo”

Middie Blythe Now In Stock!

In Stock Now

Neo Blythe Doll

Royal Soliloquy Blythe Doll

 'Allie Gabrielle' Anniversary Neo Blythe doll.
In Stock Now
Shipping Orders Out Now

In Stock Now

Gackt Taeyang Doll

Order Today!

Cinderella Dahlia Pullip in Stock

Lena Elena Middie Blythe doll

In Stock Now

In Stock Now!

Zinochika Neo Blythe Doll

Accepting Pre-Orders for this doll

In Stock Now!

"Hi-Ho! Marine" Neo Blythe Doll

The Rose of Versailles Pullip dolls are

Now In Stock

My Little Pony

Target Exclusive

Pony Car
Now In Stock!

Click on photo to see details and prices

Penny Precious Neo Blythe
Has Arrived!

Sold out of all Pre-Orders.

Thank you!

Merl Pullip and Lir Isul
Both back in stock.

Classical Alice Pullip Doll

Now In Stock

Natalie Dal

Natalie Dal doll

In Stock

Blythe “Wendy Weekender”

In Stock Now!

Now In Stock!

Milk Latte Pullip

In Stock!

Iris Linea Middie Blythe
CWC Exclusive

Limited to just 2000 pieces worldwide.

In Stock Now

Twilight Destiny Taeyang

Fifth in the Snow White Series

Classical White Rabbit Pullip

Classical Alice Dal

Each sold separately.

Now In Stock

Monique Magnificent Neo Blythe doll

Karen Pullip Doll
Juliette et Justin

Now In Stock

Princess Rosalind Pullip

Now in Stock

In Stock Now!

Nekogutsu Middie Blythe

Available Now.

Neo Blythe Ambrosio

In Stock Now!

E-mail Us  Now To Order.

Now In Stock!

Ruhe Loussier Pullip 

2012 Doll Carnival

Aurora Pullip

Part of the Eclipse Steampunks Series

In Stock now

In Stock Now!

Helen Kish 2012 Dolls!


Comes in either blonde or green hair.

The blonde is limited to 150 pieces worldwide.

The green haired doll is limited to just 50 pieces worldwide.

Each sold separately.

Now In Stock

Pere Noel Pullip Doll

In Stock Now!!

Cheonsang Cheonha Titicaca Look set
No doll is included.

Nanette Pullip

In Stock

Baby Cinnamoroll Dal doll
In stock Now

Pluto Taeyang

Helios Isul

Tokidoki "Luna" Pullip doll

If you would like to buy this doll, please e-mail us here.

Akira Shiraishi (白石 秋羅)) Isul

Now In Stock

Designed by
"Baby, The Stars Shine Bright" - Alice and the Pirates"

Innocent World

Freulein Pullip and Kleine Dal dolls

are both

Now In Stock

Dal 6th Anniversary Doll
Jouet Dal Doll

Now In Stock

Midnight Velvet Pullip doll

Part of "The Princess Series - Snow White"

In stock now!

"Sentimental Noon" Dal doll is now in stock
She is part of the "Snow White" Princess series

Snow White Pullip now in stock.

Hello Kitty Baby Dal
Now In Stock!

Yuri Pullip

Now in stock

Principessa Pullip Doll

Part of the Regeneration Series

Now In Stock!

The Franklin Mint

Elaine Gibson Girl

Wedding Remembrance

Porcelain doll

In Stock Now


Galene Pullip 

More new outfits

Fuzzy Logic Outfit set

Hednar Isul doll


みつばち@babybee X LIEN

The second doll is the variation of the beloved
Alice du Jardin doll.
This is Mint version.

Pre-order for October
Brand New Outfit for Pullip!

Valleta Preppy Outfit by
Cheongsang Cheonha

E-mail us to inquire or place an order now!

Coco Pang-Ju

In stock now

Our beloved chihuahua is dressed now in his Napoleonic outfit.

In stock now!

Note: Hookah not included.

Chenille du Jardin Dal

The forth doll in the Alice du Jardin series

Coco Collette Neo Blythe 



Regeneration Paja Pullip 
Royal Wedding

Each sold separately.

T229 TaeYang [fold VI]  12,600yens

B320 Byul [Cheshire Cat du Jardin]  12,600yens

Cordelia Byul


Tiphona Pullip doll

Back in stock

Designed by
Innocent World

Kiyomi Pullip doll

3rd in the "Beary Fairy" Series

Regeneration Pullip

Moon Pullip Doll

Regeneration Series

Regeneration Pullip

Noir Pullip Doll

In Stock Now!

Pullip, Taeyang & Dal dolls


The following Six Items are now in stock!

From top, left to right:

1.  White Rabbit du Jardin Isul doll

2. Galla Dal doll

3. Coney Island fashion outfit (No Doll)

4. Jambu-Pang is now sold out.

5. Santorini fashion outfit (No Doll)

Korean Limited Edition

P-060 Pullip Si'Anna (Shiana)  - In stock

Princess Cats Celli Cats

In Stock Now

Romantic Pink and Romantic Blue

Each sold separately.

Kazuya Kujo Isul! 

 Both In Stock

Each Sold Separately

The following dolls are now in stock:


Pullip Doll Regeneration Series

Did you start collecting Pullip dolls only recently

and missed out on some of the earlier dolls?

Well, Groove is now issuing older, hard-to-find designs

and want to share it's archive with new collectors.

Or maybe you want to buy another doll to play with.

Well, this is where the "Regeneration" series comes in.

Fantastic Alice - In Stock

[Groove INC] Pullip Regeneration Series

Fanatica - In stock

[Groove INC] Pullip Regeneration Series

And the Multinic  series continues in March
For Dal and Byul

- In Stock

STEFIE Byul - In Stock

Willy Wonka Taeyang Doll - In stock

Seila Pullip - In stock
Paradis Byul

New Isul Outfit
"Black Peace Now"

In stock Now
Each outfit is sold separately.

From left to right:
Campanella, Giovanni

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Opening Hours:

From Mondays to Fridays:
10.00 am till 5.00 pm

10.30 am till 2.30 pm

We are closed on all Sundays and Public Holidays.

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